to Bruma Orthodontist.

Bruma Orthodontist (est. 2012) enthusiastically serves its community and beyond in correcting all types of malocclusions giving our patients the confidence of that great smile.

In doing so, our practice’s top priority is to provide you the highest quality, uncompromised orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment.

We are about far more than simply treating and enhancing smiles. We are committed to helping our patients put their best form forward with the best confidence for life.

Meet your Doctor.

Dr Nadia has been practicing her profession of orthodontics passionately for over 10 years and has dedicated herself to serving her patients from her sole practice.

Her dream of correcting malocclusions and appreciating the amazing treatment results, within the luxury of ample quality time with each patient and establishing a relationship with the family, has been realized.

Dr. Nadia is a Wits graduate throughout and a lifetime student of her work, having completed her Undergraduate and two Masters Degrees from the Wits School of Oral Health Sciences. She began her dental studies with a dream of practicing Orthodontics, and her passion continues to resonate in her work as a dedicated orthodontist today.

She aims for clinical excellence in all aspects of her work and is precisely and personally involved in every patient’s treatment. The time allocated and level of attention to detail for each patient is unmatched. 

The practice now flourishes as it was intended and each day the Family of Smiles continues to grow, treating patients of all ages with the latest techniques and an uncompromised practice principles and level of clinical excellence.


Dr Nadia Green Thompson.

BDS MSc Dent MDent Wits FCDSA Orthodontics

Is your child under 9 years old?
Book your free screening today!

We offer a free orthodontic screening for patients under the age of 9 years old. 

What is Orthodontics all about?

Orthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry that addresses the problem of mal positioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns.

It may also address the modification of facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common, and long-term functioning in this way may have unwanted side effects of the structure and health of the teeth.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a pearly smile without treatment, and orthodontics addresses problems of the teeth and jaws in both children and adults.

The correct alignment of teeth gives you a smile that will change your life, and a healthy bite will give your teeth long life, and your face the youth it deserves. Take that step, come and see us- we are here to help you!

Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but in different ways. Dentistry is a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaws.

An Orthodontist is a dentist that has studied further concentrating on the intricacies of the specialist in the field focusing exclusively on correcting bites, occlusion, straightening teeth and guiding growing teeth and jaws.

Should any course of treatment, however simple or complex go awry, an orthodontist is best equipped to guide your teeth to success and understand the principles of retaining the months of hard work…for life. Give yourself the best …trust your smile to your orthodontist.

Our Services.

At Bruma Orthodontist, we love meeting and treating patients of all ages. From siblings to parents, the many benefits of orthodontics are life-changing and very often money-saving! See our treatment services below to understand how.

In addition to traditional metal braces, we utilize the latest technological advances in the industry, such as low exposure-super high definition 2DX-ray equipment in house, clear braces, ultra-modern braces including kiddie designs, and Invisalign type ‘Proudly South African’ affordable clear aligners. 

Read more about our options to get you that comfortable bite and that great smile. 

Adult Orthodontics


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Teen & Pre Teen


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Orthodontic Retainers


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Functional Appliances


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Orthognathic Surgery


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The Practice.

Bruma Orthodontist was established in 2012, with the intention of building a warm, family-oriented practice to address the orthodontic concerns in the busy and centralised Bruma, Kensington, Bedfordview area.

Why choose us?

Dr Nadia has an amazing trained eye in identifying the key factors that are causative in your child’s or your own malocclusion. She attends courses regularly to keep abreast with the latest developments to best enhance your orthodontic correction in the most efficient and effective way. 

Your diagnosis is comprehensive and explained to you in an easy understandable way. You will be offered the treatment solution best suited and you will be encouraged and motivated throughout treatment. Best of all, Dr. Nadia is your clinician throughout in your own private treatment room. 

Covid 19 sterilisation protocols are strictly employed between each patient complete with surface wipe down and UVC overhead lights for 3 minutes after that.

We are here to give you our best,  to help you achieve your best.

Before & After.

Welcome to our family of smiles.









Find us.

Bruma Orthodontist is conveniently located in the block after The Observatory Golf Course, and before Eastgate Shopping Mall. It can easily be found off crossing of Marcia and Queen Street, Cyrildene. It is easily accessible from main exits off N3; N12; R21/24 highways.


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Covid 19

COVID infection control protocols in place from entry to exit. We have UVC lights in surgery and decontaminate the room between each patient. Our treatment room is large and sunny and our patients are treated individually with one parent allowed in.


Come aboard Mum and Dad! Do not be afraid!!

Orthodontic treatment for adults is very common and very necessary. Our practice boasts almost an even split between our adult and younger patients! You may not have had the opportunity to correct the alignment and functioning of your teeth earlier or want to recapture the orthodontic result you worked for before your retainer broke. Adult orthodontics is focused on your main concern and the existing condition of your teeth. Treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months and is the best gift to yourself for both the precious pearls that are your teeth, as well as the good long term functioning of your bite, not to mention your continued self confidence and a retention of your youth. Take your oral health into your hands- correcting your bite and smile is life changing. You’ll regain years!

There are variety of orthodontic methods and appliances to achieve that ideal and healthy smile, from Invisalign type aligner treatment to ceramic/ clear fixed braces. We have an array of treatment options that are best suited to you.

Your smile is special- trust it to a Specialist. There are no shortcuts for the healthy lasting result you deserve.

Teen and pre teen orthodontics

Teen and pre-adolescent children are the largest group of patients, being the ones fortunate enough to be brought into our practice as a standard part of their growth and development. It is your gift to your child to allow us to establish a well-functioning bite for them at an early age. This will allow your child to enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile during their delicate formative years, as well as teeth that are easily accessible to be kept clean and healthy. Treatment time can range from as little as 9-12 months, to 2 years or a little over depending on the difficulty of the case being treated. The greater the effort and compliance put into the case by your little one and ourselves of course, the more efficiently and effectively treatment can proceed. Oral hygiene and compliance to our instructions of wearing elastics and being weary of hard and destructive foodstuffs will definitely contribute to you having your braces off, with a beautiful and health result, in no time. 

In order to achieve the pearly smile you expect of your shelfies, we offer traditional stainless-steel braces, with some brackets of different shape design options, together with the rainbow of colours that kids enjoy. These brackets are most durable, and easy to clean for youngsters. They are flat on the teeth for maximum comfort and become part of you within a couple of days. For those teenagers who prefer an alternative to the metal braces, we also offer the option of a durable, clear orthodontic bracket to better appreciate the developing smile during its correction. There are also Invisalign type clear aligners that are Proudly South African and thus more affordable. The use of these is dependent on the case being treated and often not the best, or most effective, most efficient option for everyone.

Kids orthodontics

Does your child have a sucking habit? 

Babies are born to suck even before birth. The use of a pacifier or dummy for the first 2 years of life is not associated with long term detrimental effects on the developing teeth and jaws. When this need to suck continue with the long-term use of a dummy or is transferred to a thumb, or a finger (digit sucking habit), there are effects on the teeth and jaws depending on how strong the sucking forces are. You’ve all felt that strong pressure of a baby sucking on your finger! During the eruption of the baby teeth, the face is also taking shape and the upper jaw before the lower jaw. This upper jawbone is easily molded by these powerful muscular forces, and you will notice it as well. There are a variety of comfortable and easily accepted ways to help your child move away from this habit without deep routed psychological long term side effects. These may include a little plate in the mouth, or a simple piece of plastic stuck onto your child’s teeth. Come in to see us to find our more. 

Is your child’s speech clear or do you see a little tongue pop out more that you should? 

Speech and language development begins even before your child’s first words. The articulation of this very much dependent on the position of the tongue in the correct position. This is learnt and often uneventful. Should you hear those certain words are unclear when your child is at an age when speech should be developing normally, it may be the tongue that is not able to be contained. You will often times notice a gap between your child’s teeth in front and the tongue pushing through when speaking and swallowing. This is an anterior open bite and should be closed as soon as possible to allow for normal functioning of speech and swallow, as well as the development of the height of the front of the face. You will notice that your child has no teeth showing in the upper jaw while they speak and might look like a little old lady when they smile. This should be corrected early to allow the face to catch up in growth. Adults with a severe problem of this kind often have orthognathic surgery as their best treatment option. Do not delay- let us help your little one now!

Are your kids able to clean their teeth effectively?

Getting your child to effectively clean their teeth is always a challenge for us all. Crooked and bunched teeth make this even more of a challenge despite how much you find yourself nagging. The first adult tooth (first permanent molar tooth) comes up into the mouth behind the last baby tooth any time after 5 years of age. The four front teeth in the upper and lower jaws should have arrived by at least 8 years of age. These teeth might find themselves batting for space or coming up behind baby teeth in the front that just won’t budge. An understanding and assessment of this stage of the development of the dentition (Early Mixed Dentition) and minimum intervention guided development approach can be all that is needed to allow these teeth some room and those coming after them as well.

Have there been baby teeth taken out too early without any ‘spacer’ placed to hold the space open?

Baby teeth have many important roles, one of them being to maintain the space for the upcoming adult teeth. When baby teeth have been taken out earlier than they should have been without the space being held open, the adult tooth beneath is often blocked (cannot erupt in the mouth completely) out or even impacted (cannot erupt into the mouth at all and is stuck within the bone). Should the tooth be extracted, a simple solution of placing a space maintainer in the area will allow the adult tooth the space it requires at the time of its eruption into the mouth. 

Does your little angel seem to be mismatched when looking at the size of their teeth that are too small or too big for his/her mouth and face?

Tooth size discrepancy is often noticed when the adult teeth look too large in the smaller sized mouth and jaws. This can often be assisted by means of rounding out the narrow upper jaw arch by means of a palatal expander appliance placed into your childs mouth. The expansion is achieved quickly and the plate held in place for a few months to allow the bone to harden while also allowing the teeth to erupt into the mouth with more room for them to do so. In some cases this can prevent the need for the extraction of permanent teeth for orthodontic treatment.  

Did Mum or Dad have any problems with their teeth when younger? Did they need orthodontic help?

Crowding of the teeth also has a genetic component, so in addition to your sparkling personality or good heart, you may also have passed on your malocclusion. Children are of course a combination of both mum and dad and this might mean that a sweet elfin face cannot accommodate the robust size teeth they have.  

Does your child snore or grind teeth at night?

A subconscious nighttime habit is something beyond our control. Unfortunately, this weary habit has the effect of wearing away the teeth and taking the jaws on a marathon exercise session every night. A nighttime bite plate may be the answer, or perhaps there is an interference in the bite that is worsening this. Children and adults are dealing with drastic social changes with the onset of the Covid-19 and beyond restrictions. In addition to the overwhelming expectations we have, subconscious psychological and emotional stress is often taken out on the teeth during sleep.

Snoring alludes to an obstruction in the airway where the air makes a noise while rushing past these narrowed spaces. Seasonal allergies contribute to this and often the pattern of the face as well, i.e., long face types with bleary eyes due to the disturbed night sleep. Orthodontics, with a range of appliances, can assist as part of the holistic treatment in allowing your child the best quality of life and quality of restful sleep. 

Does something just look off???                                                                                      

Many problems with the development or eruption of the teeth can be identified EARLY, and if treated can be solved in a short time with minimum intervention. Baby teeth are important in allowing the face to develop normally and the adult teeth to come up into the mouth in the best position. 

Early treatment (Stage I) for kids at the stage of baby and adult teeth is often very short (6-8 months) and is focused only on those teeth that need to be corrected. This is also a life changing exercise for them as the adult teeth waiting to come through can be allowed more room. In some cases, should the problem be solved early, there might not be any need for another further correction (Stage II). 

We also look after your child’s dental development after Stage I so you are fully aware of what to expect. There is no further fee for this. You are now part of the family!

Orthodontic screening at an early age is most important, even from the age of 7 years.

We offer a free orthodontic screening for patients under the age of 9 years old. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

orthodontic retainers

Orthodontic retainers are important in maintaining your orthodontic result. No matter your age, if you have had orthodontic correction of your teeth, you have been advised to wear your retainer with instructions on how to do so. Retainers are for life if you want to maintain your goof result and your time and efforts during treatment. Please do not be fooled, retainers do not go away!

Are you still wearing yours or would you just like some advice regarding them? 

Should you have any queries with your existing retainers or would just like to have a check up to make sure that they are correctly in place, and you are not able to see your regular orthodontist, please come in. We are here to help and advise you. 

Have your teeth moved since you have not been able to wear your retainers?

We are here to help. Relapse can often and easily be treated with a few clear aligners. This method allows us to recapture your orthodontic result and you can go on to wear your retainers with a better understanding. Should your teeth have moved a bit more, we will still offer you the best suited treatment for you. 

Functional appliances

Habits involving the mouth and tongue, or even a thumb can be ruining to a growing face. Sometimes removable appliances like Myobrace or Bite Correctors, are able to help make much a difference when used correctly and as prescribed.

There is of course no quick and easy fix and these appliances are completely case and compliance dependent. Developing faces and jaws are amenable to some growth guidance. Most importantly, these children should be assessed, diagnosed and treated correctly. Your child’s developing face and jaws are special- leave it to your specialist 

orthognathic surgery

Do you notice and shortfall or excess in your face when looking at it from the front or when looking at your profile photographs or selfies? 

Non growing patients, adults, may require a surgical approach to treating and correcting mismatched jaws. The teeth are set up by the orthodontist after detailed collaboration with the maxilla facial surgeon, such that they fit like a jigsaw after the jaw position is corrected surgically.

This requires a time with orthodontic appliances (braces) on the teeth before and after the operation, together with retainers after treatment. A significant change in the face and profile, a more harmonious bite and functioning pattern is achieved. This really is life changing! 

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